The Importance of Maintaining Golf Cart Batteries

A golf cart is an important investment. If you happen to be the proud owner of a golf cart as well, then you must realize the importance of caring for its batteries. Without them power can’t be supplied to the parts of cart which need it to keep it running properly. Consequently, proper maintenance of cart batteries is paramount. The ones used in golf cart are quite different from those used in your automobile. If you own a golf cart, you must know the ins and outs of maintaining and caring of your golf cart battery.

Know the Signs

If the battery of your golf cart is dead, your vehicle will not even start. On the other hand, if your vehicle is getting harder and slower to start, it is a sign that the battery needs replacement. Depending on the type and size of your golf cart, the number of batteries may vary in your golf cart.

Since the golf cart batteries can be discharged easily to a lower voltage, regular inspection and maintenance is essential to elongate the life of your golf cart batteries.

The battery of your golf cart is charged by a battery charger and it also changes the chemical composition. And, with each charging process, the efficiency holding a charge by battery can decrease. The procedure for testing golf chart vehicle is quite simple and can be performed during regular maintenance.

Keep Your Golf Cart Battery Clean

Follow these steps while cleaning your golf cart battery:

  • Clean the top of the battery and remove the dirt and debris that might be accumulating in tight spaces.
  • Always clean the battery around the terminals.
  • Wipe down the whole battery using a rag.
  • Make sure to check the water level in the battery, and add whenever required.
  • Turn off all the lights of your golf cart when not in use.

Though it requires your time and efforts, it is important to improve the life expectancy of your golf cart’s battery.

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions-

Extreme weather conditions can affect your golf cart battery to a large extent. If you live in a place where temperatures become freezing during winters and rise too high during summers; that can work against your cart’s battery’s health. In such conditions, you may need to give some extra care to your vehicle. Try to avoid direct connection with the elements.

If you have a garage, park your cart inside. In summer months, try to park your cart where there is no direct sunlight. Although, golf cart’s batteries are quite durable still summer heat can react with the chemical, affecting battery’s performance and lead to premature battery replacement.

Bottom Line:

By implementing the tips given above, you can enhance the performance and longevity of your golf cart’s battery. With regular maintenance and care, you can increase your battery’s life span by up to 6-10 years.

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